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In addition to a full service and installation shop, we offer complete dyno testing and tuning on our new Dynojet 224X chassis dyno. We built a dedicated dyno room with a large picture window so customers can watch the dyno tuning session. A copy of the dyno sheet and all PCM calibrations are always available to the customer.

We upgraded to the Dyno Jet 224 X with eddy current load cell. Only a true load cell allows the tuner to hold the vehicle at any load and throttle setting for a predetermined amount of time. This, in turn, allows us to analyze each end every "fuel trim cell" for proper fueling. The standard 248 DynoJet with a "brake" simply can't do this. It can only add load by dragging the brake to slow the run down in order to gather more data. Not the same thing. I did a lot of research before investing in this particular dyno and determined that this model would be the best available unit for tuning, not just measuring horsepower and torque. I've also just invested in a module to log boost and fuel pressure as we tune. This gives us more needed information to tune supercharged cars properly. With the latest versions of LS1 Edit, LS2 Edit, HP Tuners, EFI Live, Ease and GM's Tech 2 editing and diagnostic software, we have the capability to tune your LS1, LS6 and LS2 powered vehicle for optimum power and driveability. Fuel and spark curves as well as torque management and transmission settings are optimized for your combination of performance modifications. We also have the capability to tune more radical vehicles in "Speed Density" to enhance driveability dramatically. We are the only shop on the West Coast to have all this in our tuning "arsenal" Please call or e mail for appointments and information.

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