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RPS 2005-2009 Corvette Street Twin Carbon Clutch

The RPS Street Twin Carbon clutch and flywheel kit comes complete with a billet steel flywheel, a special 10.5" steel pressure plate, RPS's patented carbon floater plate and two half carbon discs. RPS's patented carbon floater will not warp like all other steel floater plates. If the clutch you are looking to buy has a steel floater, beware!! A warped floater plate greatly reduces the life of the clutch and causes it to chatter on takeoff. Real carbon-carbon friction material was designed by the Military to only rub against itself. Again if the clutch you are looking at has carbon rubbing against steel, beware!! The discs in RPS's Street Twin Carbon clutch have carbon on the floater side (as God, or in this case the Military intended) and high grade organic material on the pressure plate and flywheel side. This combination allows for unparalleled performance for the cost. This clutch kit is recommended for heavy Street use with engines producing up to 800 rwhp.
(includes special RPS C6 TOB)


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  • Manufacturer #: ST-0LSX-C6