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This C5 Z06 is a father and son project that was delivered to Race Proven Motorsports in Claymont DE for dyno tuning.  Under the hood is one of our NEW Blacked Out finish kits. After a few pulls on RPM’s in-house dyno the results were 620 RWHP and 528 RWTQ with 10.55 PSi.  Great results with a pretty much [...]

Back in March Al G’s A&A Supercharged Z06 set the new record for fastest stock bottom end LS6 with a 9.52 @ 143 MPH 1/4 mile run.  Al decided to take the car back to the track to see if he could improve on his record setting run.  With 85 degree air temperature and 3,800′ elevation Al [...]

I just wanted to post on my experience with and review on the A&A supercharger kit recently installed on my 2004 C5 z06. I have been late to post and probably good as I have been able to log around 3k miles on it and able to run it through many different conditions in order [...]

Vengeance Racing in Cumming GA is known for turning out some impressive builds.  Here’s another to add to their growing list.  This C5 Z06 underwent quite a few upgrades during its stay with Vengeance.  The Vengeance team had previously installed a A&A Supercharger Kit, along with some other bolt-ons.  The owner quickly became addicted to [...]

RPT finished up another A&A Corvette Supercharger Kit install, this time on this hot 2003 Z06.  The guys over at RPT said this Z06 is one of the strongest LS6′s in the country putting down 507 RWHP & 446 RWTQ with just heads and cam.  The customer was hungry for more power, so RPT ordered him up [...]

Boost Performance in Amarillo Texas has been a A&A Corvette Dealer for a few years, they’ve installed and tuned quite a few of our Supercharger Kits.  The A&A kit design and performance really caught the attention of  George Hebbel, owner of Boost Performance.  When it came time to add some serious horsepower to Boost Performance’s 2007 Z06 shop car, George [...]

Installed by Nick (aka Unreal on, and tuned by him at a local dyno.  Nick’s C6 Z06 made 704 RWHP with just 5.8 PSi at altitude! Mods: A&A Corvette Supercharger kit with Vortech V3 Si-Trim DeWitts Radiator JDP SC Cam PRC 285cc LS7 with TI intake, SS exhaust and PRC springs FAST Intake DPE 2.54 [...]

Chad Triche’s C5 Z06         Performance Mods: A&A Supercharger Kit: Vortech V2-Si headunit Stage 2 blower Cam: 224/232, .581/.588, 116 LSA Stage 2 Fuel System PRC dual spring kit 7.4 chromoly pushrods LS2 Timing Chain LGM long tube headers LGM x-pipe GHL Quad tip bullets Meth Injection 606 rwhp 537 rwtq   [...]

Josh Tyrrell’s 2002 Z06 Corvette               Mods: Forged 364 ci, 9.0 Comp, LQ9 Iron block A&A YSI Tuner Kit A&A Corvette 8 Rib w/IW 10% Overdriven Crank Pulley Ported LS2 Intake Manifold LS2 Throttle Body SD 80# Injectors with Billet Fuel Rails Patriot Peformance Stage 3 LQ9 Cylinder Heads [...]

Arun from Canadian Corvette Performance set the record for the fastest 1/4 MPH in a supercharged Corvette with his 8.88 @ 160 MPH pass. What’s even more impressive is he laid down this scorching pass in his street driven C5 ZO6 Corvette with an automatic transmission! That’s right, a full street car…a/c-check, ABS-check, power steering-check, [...]