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Jukka has a wicked fast C5 coupe over in Finland. He recently installed our Secondary Drive system on his existing A&A Ysi setup and went out for some test and tuning on the runway. He made 12 successful runs to 190mph with zero belt issues and was very impressed with the results of testing. Can’t [...]

  A&A Supercharger T-trim 4.0″ pulley Summit C-2501 6-rib balancer Dynomax VT mufflers ZR1 Centennial Cup Wheels Toyo R888 drag radials Mike Norris Dyno and Tune Thru A6 trans the vette put down 554rwhp and 467rwtq. With the drag radials the vette rips down the road without trying to put on a smoke show or [...]

Mike decided to hit the 1/4 mile track and see what his stock bottom end ’08 LS3 would do with the new found power of 595rwhp. Thanks to Redline Motorsports for the install and tuning, Mike was able to hit a best of 10.15@133mph! He plans to make a few tweaks and get back soon [...]

When you look up the word “sleeper” (car) there should be a picture of this Grand Sport next to the definition.  Looking at the picture above would you ever guess that it’s making 800+ HP at the crank?  The choppy idle from a Vengeance stage 3 cam and blower whine let unsuspecting ZL1s, Shelbys, and Exotics [...]

Here’s a 2008 Corvette that rolled into D Revolution’s shop with a cam, headers, and a cold air intake.  It laid down 385 RWHP & 378 RWTQ thru a auto trans on a Mustang dyno.  Not bad, but nowhere near the power gains of bolting on a A&A Supercharger Kit. One of our polished finish kits with Vortech’s V3 [...]

This brand new Grand Sport was delivered to Speed Inc with 400 miles on the clock.  The customer wanted more power, a lower stance, and better handling. Anytime a customer mentions wanting more power for their C5/C6 Corvette the guys from Speed Inc recommend a A&A Supercharger Kit.  Bryan from Speed Inc posted this build on [...]

ETMC’s customer LaToya wanted to turn her stock 2009 Corvette into a serious pony car that would show up the boys.  With 673 RWHP & 528 RWTQ she should have no problem embarrassing a few. ETMC installed one of their Stage 6 kits that includes a A&A Supercharger Kit, along with ETMC’s Ripper cam. The blower isn’t the [...]

ETMC at it again…here’s another A&A Supercharged Grand Sport.  The car went to ETMC for one of their Stage 5 kits consisting of LT Headers, ported throttle body, and a A&A Supercharger kit.  The car made 558 RWHP & 497 RWTQ with 7 PSi! For more info on ETMC’s C5/C6 Engine Packages check out their [...]

Here’s another really clean supercharger kit install by the guys over at Speed Inc. in Schaumburg, IL.  This one is on a 2009 LS3 Corvette w/automatic transmisson.   Ah…the A&A C6 Ram Air Intercooler.  Notice how the top of the intercooler core is positioned right at the bottom of the frame.  It is mounted forward so [...]

Most car guys start off with little bolt-ons here and there to modify their brand new car. ETMC’s customer Fred is not like most car guys. A hardcore enthusiast with a few Corvettes in his stable – including a 1,000 HP A&A Supercharged C5 Vette (built by the ETMC crew), Fred was eager to start [...]