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Most car guys start off with little bolt-ons here and there to modify their brand new car. ETMC’s customer Fred is not like most car guys. A hardcore enthusiast with a few Corvettes in his stable – including a 1,000 HP A&A Supercharged C5 Vette (built by the ETMC crew), Fred was eager to start [...]

Champion Motors added one of our world famous Corvette Supercharger Kits to Shawn Coady’s 2008 LS3 Corvette.  With some minor bolt-ons to help free up some extra power, and Champion’s dyno tuning Shawn’s supercharged Vette pumps out 609 RWHP with ease! 2008 LS3 Corvette’s mods: A&A Supercharger kit Headers Cat back Pump gas with meth injection 609 RWHP 559 RWTQ 11 PSi [...]

This 2008 Automatic LS3 Corvette with a STOCK bottom end, and STOCK LS3 heads & gaskets is flying! Mods list: 2008 Corvette with Widebody Kit and C6Z Brake Kit A&A V3 T-trim with BIG Dongle ARH 1 7/8″ Offroad 3″ Pipes Corsa C6Z 3″ Mufflers Alky Control Meth Kit-Single Nozzle A&A Inline Fuel System Resurrection [...]

National Speed, Inc., in Wilmington, North Carolina just finished up an install of an A&A Supercharger Kit. Billy’s blacked out 2008 was brought in and put on the dyno for a base run. Then the work began… After the install of the Vortech based A&A Corvette system, the car put down 528 rwhp and 477 [...]

G-Force Motorsports in Pearland, Texas, recently installed an A&A Corvette Supercharger Kit along with some other go fast goodies on Jon’s 2008 LS3 Corvette. The MN6 pulled 759 on the rollers! Modifications: A&A Corvette Supercharger Kit Vortech V-3 T-Trim Supercharger Blower Cam Kit American Racing 1 7/8″ Long Tube Headers LPE ZR1 Clutch Painted roof [...]

Here is another A&A Corvette Supercharger install rolling out the doors of Vengeance Racing. Richard’s 2008 LS3 came in with 3676WHP and left Vengeance with 635RWHP! The build consists of: A&A Supercharger System- Tuner Kit V3 SI Head Unit 3.4” Pulley KBB Boost Pump FIC Modified LS3 60lb/hr Flow Matched/Balanced Fuel Injectors American Racing 1 [...]

Here is another A&A Corvette Supercharger System installed by Monster Motorsports in Davie, FL. Tony’s 2010 Grand Sport also received a Monster Motorsports blower cam, long tube headers, LG Coilovers and more! Monster Motorsports 4149 SW 47th Ave. #B Davie, Fl. 33314 954-358-5889

Champion Motors, in Ontario, Canada, just finished up supercharging Dan’s 2009 Corvette. The addition of the A&A Corvette Supercharger kit and supporting mods increased the horsepower to 610 at the wheels! Modfications: A&A Corvette Supercharger kit Vortech V-3 Si-Trim Supercharger 94 octane LG Motorsports Street headers with cats Champion Motors 1861 O’Connor Drive North York, Ontario [...]

Bryan Reckart of Reckart Performance Tuning in Cedar Park, TX, just completed the installation of an A&A Corvette Supercharger on his LS3 Corvette. This is a 2008 Corvette LS3 M6 and the previous mods included the LS9 Cam and LS7 Exhaust Manifolds/H-Pipe with the stock NPP Mufflers. The goal was to achieve over 600 rwhp and [...]

Here are some photos of Robert’s 2008 Corvette. Robert recently brought his Vette to Mike Yeager at Eastcoast Performance Corvettes to have an A&A Corvette Supercharger kit installed. After the V-3 Si-Trim supercharger was installed and the computer tuning was completed, the car put down 584 horsepower on the chassis dyno! Eastcoast Performance Corvettes 301 [...]