When you look up the word “sleeper” (car) there should be a picture of this Grand Sport next to the definition.  Looking at the picture above would you ever guess that it’s making 800+ HP at the crank?  The choppy idle from a Vengeance stage 3 cam and blower whine let unsuspecting ZL1s, Shelbys, and Exotics know this isn’t your ordinary Vette.

Ryan from Vengeance told us they had previously installed one of their stage 3 cam kits, and a set of American Racing Headers 1 7/8″ w/cats.  That bumped the power up to 469 at the wheels.  The customer decided that just wasn’t enough.  Vengeance sold the customer on a A&A Supercharger kit for some serious HP gains, and the results speak for themselves!  702 RWHP & 632 RWTQ with 9.7 PSi!!

2011 Grand Sport mods:

A&A Supercharger Kit w/ V3Si Head Unit
Dewitt’s Radiator
Vengeance Stage 3 Cam Kit
ARH 1 7/8″
Snow Performance Stage III Fully Programmable Methanol Injection System
Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump
FIC 60lb Injectors
RPS Street Twin Carbon Clutch Kit to support the power

Vengeance Racing
241 Castleberry Industrial Drive, Suite B
Cumming, GA 30040