England Green in Houston installed an A&A Corvette Supercharger Kit on Brian’s 2000 Corvette. Other modifications included a cam, fuel system, clutch and longtube headers. The end result? 605 RWHP and 499 RWTQ. Here is a list of the modifications:

A&A Corvette Supercharger Kit
Vortech V-2 T-Trim Supercharger
EnglandGreen Whiplash II cam
LS6 intake manifold
ECS Stage 2 fuel system
Kooks Longtubes w/highflow cats
GHL Bullet Exhaust
Textralia OZ700
Hurst Shifter
Installed and Tuned by EnglandGreen
605 RWHP
499 RWTQ

EnglandGreen Corp.
3135 Fall Street
Houston,TX 77054