High-Altitude Supercharging

Posted: 24th June 2010 by VettePro in How To
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Another question we get asked often is: “How will higher elevations, such as Colorado or Utah, affect boost pressure?”

Here is a quote from our friends at Vortech Engineering and Paxton Automotive.

“As a result of the change in atmospheric pressure with an increase in altitude, a drop in boost pressure is common when operating in such cities as Denver, Colorado. You’ll experience a 1 1/2 to 2 psig drop in pressure at an elevation of 5000 feet above sea level.”

Most of the systems we ship to the higher elevations have a one-size drop in pulley size. (We discuss the options with the customer before varying from the standard diameter.) Of course, these owners have to remember if they take a road trip that involves elevations close to sea level, their boost pressure will increase!