Eric Deyonker having fun with his RPM Motorsports built C7 running our A&A Supercharger Kit.

Car mods:




A&A V3 Ti-trim Blacked Out SC Kit


His best pass of the day was 9.74@145mph

Car put down 804rwhp & 673rwtq


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We have kits for C5, C6 & C7.


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This is one killer setup. Eric took it on a “mini drag week” with 22 other cars – 3 days, 3 states, 3 tracks over 550 miles and drove the C5 pulling a trailer with the race wheels & stuff the whole way and the Ysi combo obviously working well @ 22 psi with no belt slip!!! He had the best 60 ft & best 1/4 mile ET & MPH that weekend.

Give us a call or send email to discuss getting a A&A Supercharger kit for your own Corvette. We have them for C5, C6, and C7.

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He is even still running the stock cam. Such a great combo and runs flawless.

It made 645 rwhp & 592 rwtq on the dyno thru the automatic trans. Ran 9.99 @ 137mph in 1/4 mile.


Video link




It’s rocking our A&A Superchargers CA legal SC Kit V3 Si-trim 3.8″ Blacked Out version. This car is bone stock exhaust, only mod is the A&A Kit & Cobalt gauges. If we didn’t have our crummy winter blend 91 octane we could have made more with it.

Dyno Video




RPM Motorsports NC getting it done with big numbers using the A&A Vortech Superchargers Blacked Out Ysi Kit on Chris Gillespie C6Z06
901rwhp/800rwtq Solid street car power!


We don’t mess around at A&A Corvette, we have a non-stop ordering process to keep all you boost lovers supplied with the greatest Corvette Supercharger kits on the market. We order several dozen at a time and finish the kits in-house. They are all made to order and range from ’97-’15 Corvettes


416ci , TFS 255, A&A Vortech Superchargers Ysi Kit ..going in a 6 speed car shooting for a 8 sec time slip with A/C.

Race Proven Motorsports is working on this one.


James Hurley went wild with this killer C6Z and made over 1k rwhp using A&A Vortech Superchargers Ysi Blacked Out SC kit. Let the drooling begin…



Another ‪#‎forged‬ ‪#‎lt1‬ Andy is building for a SC C7. For peace of mind and the ability to beat the snot out of your C7 this is the way to go. This combo will make a comfortable 700rwhp and be very stout. -Josh



This is the first time I’ve ever seen this combo. We have a customer with matching #Stingray & #Segway The vette has our A&A Vortech Superchargers Kit installed, but I don’t know the mods on the other hotrod. What a fun setup!